Yesterday’s result :

Malekat Jamal – unplaced SP 9/4 Betfair SP 3.83

It’s the end of another month, so time for a quick review.

After a bit of a wobble for a few weeks from mid-March, the results suddenly took off like a rocket, and the 10% liability bank has more than doubled since our last losing lay on 12th April.

Steve has updated the results page  if you want to compare how you’re doing with the official returns at BSP.

When you’re on a run like this it almost seems like plucking cherries every day, but I’ve learned in the past with betting that as soon as you think you’ve got it cracked, it can turn around and bite you back rather painfully, so it’s best to stay level headed.

Incidentally, the membership will probably be closing today, as we’re up to our full quota and I want to protect the prices.



You can find the full results and details here: