This launched around the beginning of December 2012 and I kept an eye on it for a while to see if it might be of interest. The results looked pretty remarkable, especially for a low odds laying service, so I decided to test this for myself and took out a subscription at the beginning of April 2013.

I ran it on the Bet Engine but you don’t need to use a bot, you can simply lay each selection directly on Betfair. The Bet Engine just makes it easy for me to keep a tally of the results.

The service is run by a chap called Raymond Mills and he sends out a daily e-mail, usually around 10am, with the days selection plus you can get them directly from the members area of the website in case there are any e-mail delivery issues.

There is one selection a day and you have a choice of three different staking plans. You can lay each selection to level stakes, you can lay each selection to level liabilities, or you can lay each selection to 10% of bank (liability).

I never wrote up a final review for this service last year as the membership filled pretty quickly and the doors closed before I had completed my trial, however, Ray has just re-opened the service to new members so I’m now prompted to give my verdict.

The results are as follows:

£25 level stakes: +£1,669.50
£100 level liability: +£2,153.97
10% Liability (£1000 bank): +£4,497.02

This is a very nice, simple, laying service that takes only a couple of minutes a day to place your bet and is clearly profitable. Ray is very knowledgable and has also written an excellent National Hunt Trainer system which is also available on his site.

I have no hesitation in recomending this service as it makes an excellent addition to anyones betting portfolio.Approved2

You can subscribe to Rays Lays for just £1 here: