This is a laying service from the reputable Steve Davidson stable.

It launched around the beginning of December last year and I’ve kept an eye on it for a while to see if it might be of interest. The results looked pretty remarkable, especially for a low odds laying service, so I decided to test this for myself and took out a subscription at the beginning of this month (April).

I’ve been running it on the Bet Engine but you don’t need to use a bot, you can simply lay each selection directly on Betfair. The Bet Engine just makes it easy for me to keep a tally of the results.

The service is run by a chap called Raymond Mills and he will send out a daily e-mail, usually around 10am, with the days selections plus you can get them directly from the members area of the website in case there are any e-mail delivery issues.

There tend to be one or two selections a day and you have a choice of three different staking plans. You can lay each selection to level stakes, you can lay each selection to level liabilities, or you can lay each selection to 10% of bank (liability).

The results so far suggest that laying to 10% liabilities is the most profitable so this is what I have been doing (and the Bet Engine works the stake out automatically for me).

I’ve started with a £1000 bank and am betting with real money.

Here’s my results so far:

Bets: 28
Successful: 25
Unsuccessful: 3
Strike Rate: 89.3
Average Odds: 4.82

Profit: £593.35

So that’s a 59% increase in my bank in one month, helped by the fact that the last 19 bets have been winning bets.

You can download my results spreadsheet here:

Rays Lays

The results from the time the service started are, as you can imagine, really very impressive and you can see those on the main website.

I’ll run this test for the usual three months but Steve told me he is limiting the membership to 150 members so if this is something that interests you then, based on the results I’ve had plus the official results since launch which I know are genuine, I’d be happy to give it an early thumbs up as it really does look like a sweet service.

You can find the full results and details here: