Hello, My name’s Chris. It’s been a while since I did my last review, so I am looking forward to running this one. I am going to look at a brand new system from Matt Bisogno called “Ready 2 Win”. Matt is a well respected author of other successful systems, and many readers will be familiar with his work. Ready 2 Win is a system that I am personally very interested. It is a backing system for the UK flat races and has been profitable each and every year for the past 10 years. Although Matt claims profitability for each of the past 10 years, I wanted to check for myself. After running my own back testing research, I can confirm that this is true. I checked through each of the last 10 years, and not one losing year, and not only that, but Ready 2 Win has been a consistently performing profitable system all that time.

Matt has laid out the manual in a very professional manner, and has well documented information without any fluff. It consists of 23 pages, and is informative so that making selections is simple. One thing that makes things a little awkward however, is that you will be backing the favourite. So unless you can be in front of your computer before the off, this system may not suit you. That being said, if you cant be in front of your computer just before the off, you could use a Bot to place the bet on your behalf. If you do this however, you will have to check other horses in the race to see which others meet the selection criteria with in that race. The favourite must meet certain conditions, including a price condition, so if you do use a Bot, your selection process time for the days racing will take you around 20 – 30 minutes, where as if you were selecting just before the race, it will just be a couple of minutes checking before the off.

I have already started doing a current trial of the system, and the results can be seen below from starting from the day that the system was released (26th May 2010).

I have used Betfair SP for the prices, because you get your best return with higher prices at Betfair. Also, I will be using a bank of £1000, and as suggested in the manual, for flat stakes, I will use a 30 point bank, and I will also show the results using the recommended staking plan – using a rolling 5% of bank just to show you what the result could be using such a plan.



Horse                      Odds      Result 

Day 1 (26/5/10)

No Selections

Day 2 (27/5/10)

No Selections

Day 3 (28/5/10)

Mata Keranjang         2.34        Lost

Robinson Crusoe       3.75       Won

Day 4 (29/5/10)

No Selections

Day 5 (30/5/10)

Man of Action            2.53       Won

Day 6 (31/5/10)

Dr Green                  2.68       Lost

Day 7 (1/6/10)

Grey Bunting            2.30      Won

Roayh                      2.60      Won

Beacon Hill                2.20      Lost

The profit / loss from day 1 to day 7 is as follows: –

Level Stakes using £33 stake:          

Starting Bank:             £1000

Profit/ Loss:                £137.94

Bank to date:           £1137.94 (less Betfair commission)

5% Staking plan (first bet £50)

Starting Bank:             £1000

Profit/ Loss:                £207

Bank to date:           £1207 (less Betfair commission)

The results show a 13% profit in only one week of use. Ready 2 Win is a quality backing system, and one I would happily recommend.

Now the bad news….. Unfortunately, Ready 2 win was sold out within 24 hours of it’s release. It seems like there are quite a few people that know a good system when presented with one (something to bear in mind when Matt releases his next system).

This review is being placed here for reference, so that when Matt does produce his next system, you can have some reference to look back at, and have the confidence to act quickly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this review, and I look forward to looking at another system soon.

If Ready 2 Win is released again you will be able to get it here: