Right, I’m back from a superb weekend in Wales but it looks like I missed out on some quality racing this weekend. Andre has filled me in on the Saver system results for Saturday and Sunday and I see I have missed out on £864 profit with 7 winners out of 9 bets! Bugger. This months profits currently stand at £1185, not bad for one week.

Roll on September with the release of the new iPhone which apparantly has a fully integrated Internet browser, so hopefully I won’t get caught out without Internet access again.

I have a request for anyone that uses the Saver system, could you please contact me with yesterdays bets (Monday 7th) so that I can keep an accurate record of it’s performance. I was expecting to be able to bet yesterday but unfortunately did not get back in time.

I will be going over the tips sent through from Dark Horse Racing and updating the blog later on today.