With three weeks to go this service is 50 points up, that’s £500 using the cash-master standard £10 per pip so this service is heading towards an approved rating. However, within days, the service is going to have a significant price rise so if you are interested now might be the time to dive in.

You can get RF Racing Tips here.

Here is the email I received:

I’ve just signed off on a price rise with the Betting Gods management. It’s rising from £17/month to £37/month.

Don’t worry though, as an existing member your current rate is fixed, it will never rise as long as your current membership remains active.

But I want to share an opportunity with you before the new pricing does kick in.

Extend your current membership by 6 months for £22.80 (it will then resume on the current rate in six months time) – click here


Lock in for a lifetime membership, only £214.80 when you click here (this will rise to £454.80 in a few days)