Risk Free Betting

All these strategies make money from betting without risking your funds.

It’s possible to make over £1000 a month risk free with these.

Bet and Trade Workshop

Steve Trow invites you into his home for one to one tuition, or download his entire video course to watch from the comfort of your own home. Either way, you’ll learn risk free and low risk betting and trading techniques that will allow you to earn over £1000 a month without getting your accounts closed or restricted.

He’ll give you access to his professional software, teach you how to use it together with the strategies he personally uses, and give you full support with e-mail and Skype calls for the following 12 months to keep you on track and maximise your profits.

After spending just one day with Steve, one on one, you’ll be able to copy exactly what he does to make £1000 a month yourself using risk free and low risk strategies. And your winnings are tax free too.

Betting Mastermind

Mike Cruickshank made his name in the betting world for essentially inventing Matched Betting. His signature product ‘Bonus Bagging’ is known by almost everyone that has ever taken advantage of bookie bonuses. Since then he has produced a plethora of additional products exploiting bookie loopholes using bespoke software and systems.

Betting Mastermind is the conglomeration of all his products and services into one single membership. It really is the ultimate risk free betting package taking you from a complete beginner through to expert bettor without ever risking your funds.

It will show you how to turn a starting bank of £500 into £20,000 in about nine months. Thereafter, you will be able to earn £2,000 to £3,000 every month with this £20,000 bank. This can be done with only one hour (or less) per day of your time. So it is potentially life changing stuff.

Clear Bonus Profits

There are dozens of matched betting sites out there and, although I’ve not been on the inside of all of them, I think that any site will struggle to come close to Clear Bonus Profits.

Steve personally completes all of the offers he posts on the site each day which means the guides are easy to follow and, on the odd occasion you may have a query about a specific offer, Steve knows exactly how to help because he’s already completed it.

There’s excellent software and spreadsheets within the site too, all included in the price unlike other services which charge for ‘add-ons’, and the whole package should enable you to make £1,000+ each month risk free without getting your bookie accounts restricted.

Bonus Bagging

If you’re into free money, then it doesn’t get any better than this.

Bonus Bagging is among the TOP 1% of legitimate online betting opportunities, and will make you an EASY £500 a month, completely tax free, and risk free.

This service shows you how to cash out all bonuses offered by casinos and bookmakers completely risk free and make at least £500 a month. You could, of course, do this for yourself but it is a faff, and for a one-off payment of £27 Mike does all the hard-work for you. And there is a money-back guarantee too.

Odds Monkey

OddsMonkey is the original matched betting service that developed the software now used on over 70 other matched betting sites. It’s been going for over five years and has evolved into a really significant service.

This is a very comprehensive package and can be used on a part time basis, for example in the evenings after work, and will create a substantial risk free income. I have no hesitation to approving this service.

You can even earn a guaranteed £56 profit during their free trial, with no risk or any obligations to continue.