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This is a one-off review of the Risk Free Football trading system.
When I first read the instruction book for this trading method I was really quite taken with the idea and principles behind it and was keen to try it out. Unfortunately it has not worked out anywhere near as well as I had hoped.The first problem you come up against is which games to apply the system to. The only advice you are given is that the game should be a live T.V. game from your home country. Other than that every instruction refers only to “The Favourite” or “The Underdog”. There is no advice on whether it is better to target a very clear odds-on type game or a tighter priced game. Neither is there any advice on starting bank, staking plan, maximum liability etc. There is however an instruction that names a point to stop trading at. Once this level has been reached you either accept whatever profit you have made or you continue on to the second method given.

I have tried this system out on ten games during the last three weeks and have made a point of varying the type of game. I have applied it to league games, cup games, clear favourite games and tighter priced games. During that time I only found one game where the market behaved exactly as the book describes and I truly felt I was “Risk Free” trading. One other game was pretty much along the lines of instructions, but the other eight games left me wavering between frustration and worry.

Without wishing to give the rules away, the idea is that once the game has settled down you place your first bet and then quickly prepare a trade out bet. You only place this second bet if a certain scenario looks to be developing. The book does acknowledge that there are delays on T.V. broadcasts and that you should keep them in mind. They say that terrestrial broadcasts are fastest followed by satellite, not much football on terrestrial channels these days and I’m not sure how “Freeview” type signals work speedwise. You also have the five second delay in bet placement to contend with. The book says that you should use a betbot to minimise this delay, it would have been better if they mentioned this on the sales page as betbots have to be bought/subscribed to at a further expense.

The main failing of the system is that I have found that the prices do not move in the manner the book describes until well into the game. To give you an exact example is tough without revealing the rules but I’ll give an outline of what I have found during the first hour of play. I place my first bet once the game is in-play and the market has settled down, I then prepare a trade out bet at the level advised in the book. I watch the game and wait for a certain situation to arise, I then press the “place bet” button. Now according to the book the market has always moved in a set direction and that because of this fact my trade out will be matched and lock in the Risk Free profit. The trouble is the market is nowhere near that predictable and in most games I had the trade out bet unmatched for  a while and when it did match I found myself at break even and not in profit. I repeated this method several times during each game and found the same thing happening over and over. The only points at which I made any profit were either once a goal was scored or after sixty-seventy minutes of a tight game and you do not need to buy a system to know that prices change after goals and towards the end of games.

I experimented with £10 stakes to keep any losses low and to be fair I did not lose my stake during any of the games I tried this out on, but I did have some lengthy periods of unmatched bets. One game in particular comes to mind. Going solely on odds there was a very clear favourite and underdog situation. I placed the bet, watched and waited.  It was a fairly even game with very few clear cut chances. I placed the trade out bet as a situation threatened around the fifteen minute mark. The bet sat there unmatched until nearly the hour mark. This was the longest period I experienced but it was a scenario that kept repeating on most of the games I tried. The example given in the book used £1000 stakes and I had trouble getting £10 matched in some games so it would take much longer and be much more stressful at that high a level.

As stated at the beginning of this review, I was quite excited about this when I first read it as it made a nice change from the “lay the draw then back it after a goal” rubbish that we see all too much of, but I’m afraid it just does not work as well in reality as the theory would lead you to expect. When my findings are weighed up against the extremely high purchase price of this system, I feel unable to recommend buying it.

I really don’t think the name Risk Free helps matters. I’m fairly sure that anyone inclined to read this sort of blog will agree that there is ALWAYS an element of risk in betting in any form whether backing, laying or trading.  As stated I did not lose my stake during any of the games but it was exposed to significant risk whilst my trade out bet remained unmatched and the game continued. One freak deflection, goalkeeper error or dodgy decision could cause prices to shift the wrong way and lengthen the time your money is in peril.

If the tight game I outlined above were played out at the staking level used in the book’s examples, it could have meant being exposed to around £7500 of liability, if the lay part was matched but the back part was left hanging unmatched, for about fifty minutes. Granted this would have to be seen as a worse case scenario, but it must be taken into account as possible. As it turned out, no money was lost and a small profit made but it certainly would not feel risk free.

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