If you’ve been sitting on the fence about going to Rene’s seminar on Saturday then now it definitely your last chance to make your mind up.

There are five seats left and no plans as yet to repeat the event.

If you’ve missed what this is all about you can find full details here:


For the short version… I challenged Rene to prove his methods work by betting on my accounts and so far, in just one summer, he’s made £9000 profit and all without risking any of my funds.

It’s been quiet the last couple of weeks due to the International break but Rene assures me he will hit the £10,000 target over the next few weeks.

On Saturday, if you decide to go, he will show you exactly how to earn up to £40,000 a year, without risking your funds, in just a couple of hours a day.

But that’s not all. I spoke to him this week and he told me that he’s also going to include a Pre Match betting strategy that is completely Betfair based that has a success rate of between 80% – 90%.

This strategy wins between £50-£100 if the favourite wins, and breaks even if it doesn’t. On a losing trade you can expect to lose around the same amount, so with an 80-90% strike rate, you can’t fail to make regular long term profits.

And this is just an extra bonus for attendees.

If you have any interest whatsoever in making proper, long term, risk free profits from your betting then don’t delay. Head over to Rene’s workshop and book your place.

It could change your life.

For full details go here: