Back at the beginning of the summer I introduced you to Rene Trost who makes £40,000 a year from risk free betting.

In August he delivered a mammoth seminar where he shared all his knowledge to a group of people that were keen to learn his methods.

I’ve received some wonderful feedback from this seminar but one thing that stood out for me, on the run up to it, was the amount of people that would have dearly loved to have gone but simply couldn’t afford the fee.

Well, Rene has now written a new book that will enable the reader to be able to win, risk free, anything from £5000-£10,000.

Obviously, he’s not disclosing his seminar secrets, they were for the seminar attendee’s eyes only, but what he is sharing are techniques that will blow your socks off anyway. This goes way beyond anything that has been written on risk free betting before.

Have you been restricted at the bookies and think you can’t open any more accounts? Think again. Rene shows you how. As a buyer you get access to his bespoke Virtual Machine Software that will enable you to keep making money from new bookie account bonuses for an age!

Do you think you get enough risk free bets from the services currently available? Think again. Rene shows you how to get free money that normally only the pro’s get to know about.

But that’s not all. Purchases of the e-book get access to Rene’s site where he constantly updates information and angles enabling you to glean free money from the bookies all year round.

So how do I know this is the real deal? Easy. Not only have I read it, all 161 pages jam packed with cutting edge risk free betting techniques that I guarantee you WON’T have seen before, but last summer I gave Rene access to MY betting accounts so that he could prove to me he could walk the walk.

He made me just under £10,000 clear profit without risking any of my bank. Which was nice…

Go and have a look at his site and you’ll see exactly what he’s offering here.

Did I mention the price?

At the moment you get the lot for £77.75. And yes, that includes full use of their Virtual Machine software.Approved2

If you fancy earning between £5000 and £10,000 completely risk free then check this out: