Risk free trader is a risk free trading system available from the well respected Steve Davidson school of betting strategies.

At first inspection you may think that this particular system offers nothing new to the concept of risk free betting, where your betting liability is covered with an appropriate stake on either the bookies or at the betting exchange. However, you would be quite wrong. This particular strategy exploits a little known loophole between the two primary betting services. Its concept really is quite genius, to say the least!

The system is clearly explained in sufficient detail for most, however you will need to be relatively competent with simple arithmetic to benefit from this method. There is the standard method and the E-book also goes onto describe an advanced method that enables you to take on viable trading opportunities that, at first glance, may not have presented themselves as such.

I took the time to create a spreadsheet to do the number crunching for me, and one negative of this package is that perhaps a spreadsheet should really have been included in the deal to make this strategy more widely appealing to those who feel that mental arithmetic is not their strong point.

Refreshingly, this system does not discriminate and allows the user to work with UK and Irish racing all week, every week – bank holiday and Ascot, Cheltenham race meets included!

There should be plenty of opportunities to make a few quid here but for the fact that the system does primarily target one specific type of race/pricing structure.

In the last few weeks that I have been following this method, the racing scene has been a little inconcistent with cancelled meetings and many of  the required  races haven’t presented themselves to me too  frequently. So much so that I was only able to place trades on the days shown below.

26/01/2012 GowP 13:35 Zaidpour 5.1
Newc 16:15 Arizona River -2
Warw 13:25 EasyDoesIt NR
GowP 13:35 Zaidpour 7.92
13:15 Arnaud -2
16:15 Arizona River -2
Warw 16:25 Whisky Yankee 2.86
16:25 Whisky Yankee 5.13
16:25 Whisky Yankee 4.48
30/01/2012 Ayr 12:50 Jet Master 9.68
Plumpton 13:10 Edlomond 10.08
31/01/2012 Folkestone 14:50 Opening Batsman -2
01/02/2012 Newcastle 15:20 Falcun 3.8
03/02/2012 Wolv 15:50 Source of Light -2
15:50 Captivity 2.76
17:20 Songbird Blues 3.61
17:20 Angel Warrior -2
04/02/2012 Punchestown 15:55 Garde Champetre 5.16
16:25 Big Phil 5.44
09/02/2012 Wolverhampton 16:35 Superplex -2
10/02/2012 Kempton 14:40 Gores Island -2
17:25 Milgen Bay 33.5
17:25 Sir Harry Ormesher 51.28

As you can see – today was the most profitable day with two of the three selections making good returns, but it should be noted that these selections were at the higher end of the odds range. You will also note that I took the opportunity on the 26th to place three seperate trades on Whisky Yankee, if the money is available on the exchange at the right price, you can keep putting on your trades..!

Once you get you mind tuned into what to look for, choosing the selections is a doddle and with the aid of a simple speadsheet that I mentioned earlier, selections can be made in a few moments. However, you will have probably already guessed this being a trading system you will have to place your bets between the exchange and your choosen bookie account within a few minutes otherwise your profit in the trade could be reduced (or it could increase!) as the prices can move in an instant. But with the stakes matched, you have the reassuring comfort that you are in a favourable position knowing that the only loss you will incur at the very most, will be equivalent to the exchange commission only on the trade.

So, my foray into the risk free arena over for now, I am happy to say I met with no unexpected surprises and I managed to bag a tidy profit of £134.80 at £20 stakes over 8 days.

However, one thing that became apparent was that some of the horses that I deemed as qualifiers were at the higher end of the odds range. Whilst this is not a problem from the laying perspective provided you have sufficient to meet the lying liability requirement in your exchange account, you will need to consider the relatively infrequent occurrence of your selection taking first place at the post. The way this method is structured means that your lay stake will lose and you will need to consider moving further funds into your exchange account to make good the difference in order to maintain a reasonable balance for future trades in your exchange account.

Additionally, in order to make the most of the betting opportunities you will need to work with at least half a dozen bookies accounts because you are looking for the best price on offer. Don’t forget if you use a BOG bookies too and the selection drifts and takes first place your potential profit on the deal is increased further (regrettably, this didn’t happen for me during the trial!).

So, if you are prepared to make the effort with keeping good account of your transactions day to day, this method will stand you in good stead,(for the present time at least – you will understand this when you read the manual). The only limiting factor in the profit making capability of this system is the amount of money available to lay at the time you decide to take your selections.

The initial price may put many off, but this a real gem of a method to make profits, and I would suggest that the the only real time expended in its use being sensible money management of your accounts at the end of the day.

I only wish there were more systems like this, that actually matched up to the bold claims others make on their (generally speaking), over-indulgent and excessively hyped websites.

So with a reaonably smug grin it is a positive thumbs up from me, APPROVED. Great Method and unless you are making some serious mistakes or completely misunderstand the system (in which case perhaps you should question why you are playing the betting game at all), you can’t help but profit with the Risk Free Trader system.

You can get Risk Free Trader here: