Finally, after 6 months a 13-week trial ends! Like horse-racing, greyhound racing was Covid affected. This is the backing service, not the newly launched laying service.

This is a simple service. You get an email and an SMS if you register for this, with the day’s bets. You place these bets with a bookmaker. You can use exchanges, but as it was difficult for me to record Betfair prices I haven’t included Betfair results in this trial.

The service costs £34.99 per month with a sliding scale of reductions for longer subscription periods.

Finishing with a 45.89 point profit this is £458 using the standard £10 per point, easily covering subscription costs. I recorded 51 wins in 149 bets, so the 34% strike rate is slightly down on the 39% stated on the website.

Happy to approve this service.

You can get RM Greyhound Tips here