Tuesday 05 November

Well the fireworks were probably flying yesterday in the RM Lays office. The recent poor results of this service were dealt a killer blow yesterday with a high odds outsider getting their nose past the post in first place. As a result I received an email from Tipster Warehouse to say that they were acting after the recent poor performance and upgrading RM Lays members to another service. So, it is unlikely that more selections from RM Lays will be made available. I will update when I know exactly what the situation is.

12:40 Southwell: Just Five: 5th at 19 = £9.50
13:10 Southwell: George Benjamin: 14th at 13.5 = £9.50
14:10 Southwell: Stoney Quine: 1st at 8.3 = £-73.00
14:40 Southwell: Kinkohyo: 6th at 15.39 = £9.50
16:10 Southwell: Jiminy: 4th at 5.54 = £9.50
17:00 Kempton: Kindu: 1st at 39.61 = £-386.10
17:30 Kempton: Emperical: 4th at 6 = £9.50

Daily Total: -£411.60

Running Total: £71.40