When I last posted I said I would wait a few days to see what the situation was with RM Lays and whether any more selections would be sent out. Well, there haven’t been any selections so we can safely say that RM Lays is no more.

To be fair to the people at Tipster Warehouse they did ‘upgrade’ RM Lays members to another service given the very poor performance of RM Lays. Whilst I applaud the gesture it seemed to come right at the 11th and a half hour as the bank was virtually non-existent by this time.

The trial got off on a poor footing and was never likely to recover given the number of horses getting past the post in first place. This was brought into stark realisation on 05 November when Kindu came in first at a BSP of 39.61. This decimated the bank even further until there was little point in carrying on.Failed

As the service is no longer available we can only rate it as failed.