I’m going to be testing RM Lays from the Tipster Warehouse for the next three months. As the name suggests this is a horse betting lay system. Selections are mailed to you each morning before 10.30am and give the time and course together with the name of the horse to lay. On average there are four to five selections a day (although this does mean that on some days no selections are advised).

So that members can check results the prices reported are at Betfair Starting Price (BSP). The service itself does not mandate any maximum odds to place bets at although some members use odds of 8.0 as a maximum. For the trial I will not place any limit on odds so that we can see how the service does against all selections advised.

The webpage reports that the longest losing run is 1 which is admirable given that members are trying to limit their liability when using the service. I will start with a betting bank of £1,000 and use £10 stakes per selection (5% commission will be deducted from all winning bets).

The cost of the service is normally £29.95 per month but you can take advantage of the current offer where you pay just £9.95 for the first month. Results to date show that on average monthly returns are 30 points. This is a very respectable return for a laying service so it will be interesting to see how we fair during the trial. We are coming to that ‘difficult’ period of the year as the flat season winds down and the jumps start. Maintaining the monthly average now would certainly prove that the system has potential.

You can try RM Lays for £9.95 here: