Friday 31st

One winner but not enough to profit from.

Daily profit:-£18

Total Profit:-£932

Final Review.

Well, I’ve given Robobets a fair amount of time, running it every day for just over two months. The reason I gave it an extended trial was because it hit a bad period when I started the test and I’m confident that the results listed on their site are accurate, so I felt it would be fair to give it another month to see if it would recover.

Unfortunately it didn’t.

I was initially very hopeful about this service. You don’t have to pay anything until you have won at least £100 using £2 bets. This is very reasonable indeed and gives you the opportunity to see the bot in action and winning you money before you decide whether you want to subscribe or not.

I indeed won my first £100 very quickly, and more importantly when you see the bot working it becomes clear that the results listed on their website are updated automatically bet by bet as soon as the results come in. Because of this I’m extremely confident that all the previous results are accurate.

These results show a profit every single month since April 2008 with the only two losing months being June and July this year. Losing months are to be expected with any betting system or service and it’s unfortunate that it happened during this test. However, July was really the last nail in the coffin because it wasn’t just a losing month, it practically broke the bank.

Because of this I have no choice but to put this system in the Failed section. Losing months are fine, but breaking the bank isn’t.

Having said that, I will be personally keeping an eye on this to see if things pick up again, but I won’t be betting myself, which says it all really.

You can take a free trial of Robobets here:



Well August was a wash out too. Only £8.56 profit which doesn’t even cover the cost of the subscription. That was using BSP too, if we had bet taking the price at the time we would have lost another £277.