Today’s venture turned out to be a slightly extended session as I got involved in a particularly nasty run right at the end of the session. Up until that point, the session had been looking very promising with a $66 gain about to be banked, but the last set of spins resulted in me reaching the maximum bet before securing a win.

Actually the maximum bet allowed by Roulette Reaper was not the same as allowed by the Casino and, theoretically, I would have been able to make 1 or 2 more bets before maxing out.

Anyway, what was looking like a good day, turned into a bit of a stinker!

Day 3

Starting Balance: $2101
Finishing Balance: $1869
Profit: -$232

Total Profit: -$131

Longest losing sequence: 12
Highest individual stake: $128
Highest sequence liability: $301

To be honest, I think I’ve pretty much experienced all that Roulette Reaper is going to show me, so I’ll run it only for a couple more sessions then call it a day.