Roulette Reaper is a software package designed to help you “reap” lots of profits from online roulette systems.

The software can be downloaded and tried for free. You can use the software 10 times before you have to purchase a licence, so there is nothing stopping you from trying it out. The software itself is pretty standard. Spins are recorded and bets are advised as necessary. The software actually just keeps a log of losing runs on 5 different strategies (e.g. Red/Black, Columns, Thirds, etc) and then uses a progressive staking plan as the losing sequence continues.

As can be expected with these types of systems and, in particular, this type of staking, the stakes can rise pretty quickly. Roulette Reaper actually employs two different staking plans – one for the strategies that pay 2:1 and another for the strategies that pay 3:1. In both cases you can be betting very high stakes in order to win a very small amount (for example, during the test I was betting $256 in order to win $1).

The software also includes a list of “approved” casinos – and after a long losing run, it automatically suggests that you move to a new approved casino to carry on playing. Of course, this is where the money is made as signing up to the casinos in question results in a large affiliate payment being made to the software vendor. In certain cases, these affiliate payments include a % of the losses that you make when playing at that casino!

The software itself is actually quite good – it is well written and stable in operation. It’s easy to use and the information shown is very clear, so following the required bets and staking is a breeze.

However, it is MATHEMATICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to win at roulette in the long-term, so my advice would be to use the software once at a series of different casinos (make sure you sign up at the casino web sites NOT through the software). Make a quick profit and then retire whilst you are ahead. Do not aim to make large profits as you will find that losing sequences come along all too often.

Overall I am giving Roulette Reaper a neutral rating – the software itself works well, but I cannot advise long-term use as you will inevitably lose money. Used in the manner described above, you might just scrape a quick buck or two.

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