It’s a few days now since I completed my month long trial of the RouletteSniper software, so it’s time for the end of trial review.

RouletteSniper is a piece of software designed to help you make a return on European Roulette from the various online casinos. It works by recording the sequence of results and analysing them to essentially find long losing streaks against various types of bets – outsides, dozens, lines, rows, corners, trios and split’s. When the software detects that a certain bet type has not occured for a certain length of time, it instructs you what bet to place and what stake to use.

For staking, it uses a series of progressive stakes – the exact progression being determined by the type of bet that you are currently playing. As a consequence you can be betting some serious stakes in order to win a relatively small amount of money.

The RouletteSniper system is fairly configurable. At it’s simplest level, it allows you to set the maximum amount of playing time, the required number of wins, the base stake that you want to use, and the type of bets that you want the program to monitor. It also allows you to enter some more advanced configuration settings, where you can set the trigger levels for each of the individual bet types (i.e. the length of the losing sequence before a bet type is flagged for betting) or choose to randomise these values (to prevent the online casinos from being able to determine your absolute betting patterns).

The program itself consists of a single window containing a crude interpretation of the roulette table, a display board of the last few numbers that have come up, and some buttons to enter the results of a spin or to indicate a win or loss.

When running, the software instructs you when to spin, and when and where to place your bets. To ensure that you are placing your bets in the right place, the program shows you exactly where to put your chips by placing chips on the picture of the roulette table.  The instructions are given in simple language, like “Bet $1 on Red”.

The program is very easy to use, but entering the results of each spin can be tiresome and there is no room for error as the program does not allow you to correct a value that you have inadvertently submitted!  One other area for improvement is the representation of the roulette table – for most of the casinos that I use, the roulette table in the casino is drawn the opposite way round to RouletteSniper and thus you have to be alert when placing your chips, especially if you refer to the diagram. It would be really useful if you could toggle the display such that it could represent both tables in either direction, as online casinos are not consistent in their presentation.

One area that the program does really well, is in alerting you to a betting opportunity.  When the software detects that a bet should be placed, it turns the whole window green – so there is no chance of missing a betting instruction. For normal spins, the window remains it’s default grey colour.

The system is designed to produce a quick hit and run profit, so the program will tell you when to stop betting and to move to a new table (or in my case new casino). If the system hit’s a losing run of bets, then it will eventually tell you to stop betting in order to limit the overall losses.

So, how did RouletteSniper fare on it’s month long trial?

For the trial, I used the software on three online casinos. The software was set to it’s default values (max 15 mins play, or 3 wins). As the software is easy to use, it did not add too much additional time to the normal online play and thus it was easy to rattle through each online casino in about 5 minutes per day.

The system initially got off to a flying start with profts steadily climbing. However, we then hit a prolonged poor run of form which depleted our betting bank, before rallying at the end and finishing with an overall profit of just $3.

Given this result, you would probably expect me to put RouletteSniper into the Failed Systems category, but I think the software shows potential. Like all gambling products, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. RouletteSniper gives you the information to help you win more often and I am sure that I would have been much worse off at the end of the trial if I was using some of the other systems on the market.

After much contemplation, I have decided that RouletteSniper deserves a Neutral rating. Longer term use of the product would give us a better indication of it’s overall performance.

You can download Rouletter Sniper here: