For my latest roadtest, I’m looking at something completely different – RouletteSniper –  a piece of software designed to help you make a return on European Roulette from the various online casinos.

Pretty much all of the online casinos allow you to play their games for fun. When you first register for a fun (or practice) account, you will be gifted some virtual money to play (more often than not, this will be around £2000), which means that you can test out RouletteSniper without the fear of losing any real money.

RouletteSniper is a small package that tells you what bets to make on the roulette table by looking at the sequence of past results. You can tailor the package to only give you certain types of bets (say lines, rows, or dozens) and you can also tweak the parameters used to determine when bets should be placed. The software is designed around the principle of making a quick gain and exiting, rather than prolonged periods of play.  The default settings allow for 15 minutes play or 3 wins before the software will encourage you to switch to another table or move to a different casino.

For the purposes of the test, I will bet at three casinos on a nightly basis. I will use the default settings for RouletteSniper (15 mins play max, 3 wins, $1 min bet) and I will select to take bets on all the options (outsides, dozens, lines, rows, corners, trios and split’s).

Results for 14th January:

Casino Spins Wins P/L Total P/L
Bet365 18 3 +$6 +$6
Golden Palace 24 3 +$8 +$8
Europa 30 3 +$7 +$7

So we’re off to an excellent start with an overall profit for the first day of $21.