I first reviewed this back in April and this service received a neutral rating. Looking at the statistics for this service my review hit a flat period and since the review ended the service has gone on to make roughly 300 points.

Russell Blair Racing is a horse racing tipster with 196 bets and 15 wins over the 13 weeks of the original trial. This isn’t as bad as it appears, as you are betting at high odds, and the average odds was 16. The service finished 38 points up (£380 using £10 per point) using advised prices, which is not at all shabby, but, 34 of these points came in the last week.

Betfair SP lost 36 points (-£360) so this is a bookie only service.

The service has tiered monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions, with the monthly subscriptions costing £39.99 per month, so there is still a profit once subscriptions are deducted.

Tips are received via email the early evening before racing.  

This is not a service for folks who like plenty of winners, at these odds you have to expect long losing runs. The original trial also suffered from bouts of seconditus, where with a tad more luck we could have landed winners and also bet through the silly season of code changeover from jumps to flat.

Approaching 2000 points profit over 4 years, this is a service where you need to ride the drawdown periods to secure long-term profits. On this basis I am changing my rating to approved.

You can try Russell Blair Racing here