I am going to have a look at Russell Blair Racing. The service has tiered monthly, quarterly and yearly subscriptions, with the monthly subscriptions costing £39.99 per month.

From the website:

Russell Blair Racing has been at the top of the tipster game for a number of years now. Russell aims to beat the bookies each and every month with a barrage of big priced winners and boasts an impressive return on investment of over 30%.

The uk’s premier horse racing tipster, making an average of £340 per month from £10 bets. Winner of three major online tipster competitions.

Over the past Three years Russell Blair has averaged 37 points profit per month and achieved an impressive return on investment of 30%. He has recorded over 100 points profit in a single month on 5 separate occasions

Tips are received via email the early evening before racing.  I suspect that you’ll need to act quickly to get the advised odds.

I will be using the standard £10 per point but note that a 200-point bank is recommended, so would require a £2k bank if I was using real money.

All bets are win singles, and I’ll record results to the advised odds and Betfair SP with 5% commission. I don’t adjust for BOG or other offers or apply Rule 4 deductions.

You can get Russell Blair Racing here