I’ve been using this service since April 2011 and it’s been very consistent all the way through. Both the back bets and the lay bets combined have made a profit pretty much every month, with a few drawing even, but overall a decent points profit.

Like any backing system, the better prices you get, the more profit you’ll make and so you are advised to get on as early as you can. To advised prices the service made 114.4 points profit on the backing side, which is £1,144 to £10 stakes or £2,860 to £25 stakes.

On the laying side, to £100 level liabilities, the service made £2,795 which is excellent.

One thing to bear in mind is that you will need to bet to at least £10 on the backing side and £100 liabilities on the laying side if you wish to make it worthwhile, because the subscription at £97 a month is going to take just shy of £1200 out of your profits each year. Even better, if you’re happy betting £25, £50 or even £100 stakes as many punters are, then you could be looking at a fairly substantial annual income from placing a few bets each day.

All in all I’m happy for this service to remain in the Approved section and it might be worth a go to see if it suits your betting style. The first month is offered at half price so you can try it out.