Final Review

I’ve been testing this service for a month now and it’s time to review my findings. I will also be doing periodic updates on this service just so we can see how it performs over the long term.

Over the course of this trial I have spoken with Russell on a number of occassions and it is obvious that this man lives for horse racing. Russell is one of the old school tipsters who doesn’t use systems or ratings to find his selections, rather good old fashioned knowledge, experience and, most importantly, contacts in the industry.

He works as a commission agent, placing bets for owners, trainers and jockeys, so he gets the nod when there are good gambles to be had.

You have to call a tip line to pick up each days information. Don’t worry, it’s an ordinary national number, not a premium rate number, and I think with just about most peoples phone or mobile packages these days, the call would work out to be free or a few pence.

Don’t be put off by Russell’s ‘Laandon’ accent though. As you’ll see from the results, it’s the quality of the information, not the delivery, that is upper class.

You get a quick overview of the previous days results then straight into the days bets. Often you’ll get one or two selections to back at pretty decent odds, so they are invariably each way singles and doubles. Remember to have a pen handy to jot down the selections and then just place your bets as soon as you can.

Many of the horses do steam in price, so early prices tend to be better. This makes them excellent for traders too as you can pretty much guarantee to get a profit before the race has even started on many of these bets.

Russell also gives out a few Lay bets for the layers out there and although it didn’t make much profit during the trial, Russell told me he’s got some new contacts that specialise in this and so is expecting much improved results on these as well.

On to the results.

In four weeks the service made £1,155 profit to £10 bets. I think this could be one of the most profitable tests on a service we’ve done yet. At £100 stakes that’s £11,550. At £25 stakes it’s £2,887. Whichever way you look at it, it’s been a cracking month, even for small bettors.

Of course not all months are going to be this good and looking at his past results, there have been months where only a couple of hundred pounds are made to £10 stakes, but for those that do bet at £25, £50 or even £100 stakes then this should be extremely profitable all year round.

Back Bets Total Profit: +£1155
Lay Bets  Total Profit: +£13

It goes without saying that this service is APPROVED and certainly one to look at if you like backing horses, especially if you enjoy watching it too.

I will do another update in a month or so.

You can join the Russell Gibbs service here:


UPDATE  June2011

After a great month in April for Russell Gibbs, May was less exciting as is always the way, but still pulled in an overall profit with £720 on the Lay bets at the recommended £100 liabilities and a loss of £13 on the back bets to £10 stakes. Even at £50 liability on the lay bets that’s still a very respectable profit for the month. And some good trading opportunities were available too.

This month has got off to a good start though with us well up on the lay bets again and doing very well indeed on the back bets, helped along nicely yesterday with some staggering each way multiples and an each way treble which paid out around 100-1! Full results in next months update.


UPDATE July 2011

Another very respectable month on the Russell Gibbs service with a profit of £76 on the back bets at £10 level stakes, and that’s not including the result on 8th June where Russell advised an each way multiple on his selections and, with three winners in the bet, the win treble alone paid over 100-1.

On the laying side at £100 liabilities the profit was £900 at early prices or around £700 at BSP.

A profitable month all round.

You can join the Russell Gibbs service here:


UPDATE August 2011

I was expecting some kind of consolidation in July, as you can’t win every month, at least I don’t expect to. But, alas, we ended up winning again. Another £645 profit on the Lay bets and £455 profit on the back bets, at £10 stakes.

To achieve these sorts of profits, Russell advises £10 win, £10 each way, £10 win doubles and £10 each way doubles. The doubles really pay off when they come in.

I’ve had a bit of fun with Russell, jibing him over his ‘traditional’ approach to horse racing with his telephone line and personal service (he’s happy to speak to his clients on the phone if they fancy a chat). But when push comes to shove, it’s clear he’s passionate about racing, he’s passionate about making a living from racing, and he’s passionate about providing one of the best horse racing advisory services around.

If you want to make a decent income from horse racing then I can’t recommend his service highly enough.


Update September 2011

Another very respectable month on the Russell Gibbs service with a profit of £120 on the back bets at £10 level stakes, and on the laying side at £100 liabilities the profit was £305.

This service has yet to have a losing month since I’ve been using it.

You can join Russell Gibbs here:

Update November 2011

We had a good month in October with this service with £164 profit on the back bets to £10 stakes (at advised prices), and £535 on the Lay bets at £100 fixed Liability.

Since the beginning of the year the back bets are £2400 in profit at £10 stakes and the Lay bets are £4545 in profit at £100 fixed liability.


UPDATE January 2013

I’ve been using this service since April 2011 and it’s been very consistent all the way through. Both the back bets and the lay bets combined have made a profit pretty much every month, with a few drawing even, but overall a decent points profit.

Like any backing system, the better prices you get, the more profit you’ll make and so you are advised to get on as early as you can. To advised prices the service made 114.4 points profit on the backing side, which is £1,144 to £10 stakes or £2,860 to £25 stakes.

On the laying side, to £100 level liabilities, the service made £2,795 which is excellent.

One thing to bear in mind is that you will need to bet to at least £10 on the backing side and £100 liabilities on the laying side if you wish to make it worthwhile, because the subscription at £97 a month is going to take just shy of £1200 out of your profits each year. Even better, if you’re happy betting £25, £50 or even £100 stakes as many punters are, then you could be looking at a fairly substantial annual income from placing a few bets each day.

All in all I’m happy for this service to remain in the Approved section and it might be worth a go to see if it suits your betting style. The first month is offered at half price so you can try it out.