I have an update on the Russell Gibbs Horse Racing Service today as I continue to be impressed with this service.

I first tested this service in April and made a staggering £1,155 profit backing at just £10 stakes, plus an extra £13 on the Lay bets at £100 liabilities.

May made a profit of £720 on the Lay bets and a small loss of £13 on the back bets, and in June the service made a profit of £76 on the Back bets and £900 on the Lay bets. This doesn’t include an advised win treble at over 100-1 which came off too.

So I was expecting some kind of consolidation in July, as you can’t win every month, at least I don’t expect to. But, alas, we ended up winning again. Another £645 profit on the Lay bets and £455 profit on the back bets, at £10 stakes.

To achieve these sorts of profits, Russell advises £10 win, £10 each way, £10 win doubles and £10 each way doubles. The doubles really pay off when they come in.

I’ve had a bit of fun with Russell, jibing him over his ‘traditional’ approach to horse racing with his telephone line and personal service (he’s happy to speak to his clients on the phone if they fancy a chat). But when push comes to shove, it’s clear he’s passionate about racing, he’s passionate about making a living from racing, and he’s passionate about providing one of the best horse racing advisory services around.

If you want to make a decent income from horse racing then I can’t recommend his service highly enough.

You can join Russell Gibbs here: