Observant readers may have deduced that each way betting and multiples are not my “thing”. All but one of the results recorded on Sunday were based on bets actually made. However, as previously mentioned, I placed one bet as a win double and it should have been an each way double. So, as the error was entirely mine I recorded the bet as if I had placed an each way double. Unfortunately, I was a wee bit over enthusiastic with the maths and no bookie would have paid out the amount I recorded.

I recorded the result as a win of £313, but it should be £54 and I have adjusted the results (below) to reflect this. I think also it is important to mention that it was Russell who pointed out the error. In my view that level of honesty amongst service providers is the exception rather than the norm and a measure of the provider’s integrity.

As for me, I am off to buy a new drawing board to go back to.

Amended RESULTS Sunday, 3rd April

Curragh 14.55, Notgonnagiveup £10 each way @ 11.00 (BFSP 7.00) = £15 (placed) PROFIT
Curragh 16.00, Unaccompanied £10 each way @ 5.00 (BFSP 5.40) = £50 (won) PROFIT
Notgonnagiveup and Unaccompanied £10 each way double = £54 (and not £313 as previously reported) PROFIT
Curragh 17.00, Samain £10 @ 3.10 (BFSP 2.97) = £19.95 PROFIT
Daily P/L £119
Current bank £1049