I have run into more difficulties with this trial than all the previous trials I’ve blogged put together. There is nothing wrong with the service and I’ve had no problem with placing the lays or the win bets. However, I am as familiar with each way bets and doubles/mutliples as I am with the currency of Patagonia. This has led to me making a number of errors, missing a bet and placing another incorrectly and in the process getting deeper in the mire. The lay figures are correct, but the profit for the backs is higher than I’d previously recorded.

I’ve checked each selection along with the profit per selection and that all appears to have been correctly recorded. It seems that the only error is with the current bank and my ability to consistently add two and two and get four. Using each way bets of £10, the bank at the end of the first day of the trial would have been £980 (I recorded £990, using £5 each way but Russell advises £10 each way). Day two the overall profit on the backs was £138.95, adding this to the £980 bank gives £1118.95 as the current bank.

I will post yesterday’s results when I have stopped kicking the cat.