Blog followers will recall that I am endeavouring to test this staking software to discover if it can improve a profit ratio with a successful system. Having already tried with one losing system, I switched to the Winning Selection service, currently being trialled and of which the results are recorded already in the blog.

I sorry to say that this has also been an unfortunate choice, at least thus far and all I can record for it is that it definitely has reduced the level stake losses quite considerably. Until we find a service which actually makes a profit, an optimistic quest, you may well say, it will be hard to judge just how much it might improve ones bottom line, but from the previous negative results, it would appear to be capable of achieving that desirable object. From our current and previous results, I could certainly recommend it as a means of losing less money on the various useless systems which one might be tempted to try. I feel that this is a perfectly reasonable recommendation; after all, minimising losses is as important as counting winnings. I’ll continue to monitor this software and report accordingly.