This is a laying service where you get selections e-mailed to you around midnight the evening before races. Bets can be placed there and then, or in the morning before work if you like. They recommend only betting on selections over 8.0 so you can set this filter if you use a betting bot to place your bets for you, or you can use the Projected SP in Betfair if betting manually.

I recorded the results using this filter but full results are available on the site too if you want to see how it does betting on all selections.

Claimed results since October 2009 for unfiltered selections is 284 points, but increases to 474 points with the filter.

With this service you are advised to bet to level liability rather than level stakes, probably due to the high odds of some selections, but this means you always know what your maximum loss is going to be. They recommend staking 15 points liability on each bet and indeed looking at their past results it does indeed make a profit whereas betting to level stakes doesn’t.

I got between ten and twenty selections a day, some in the same race.

I ran this test betting at a liability of £30 per bet.

Despite the previous results looking very promising, my own experience was the opposite, with the service never making a profit during the trial. In fact each week it went further and further into debt ending up on 28th July with a total loss of £466.30

To their credit, they did send me their own results on a regular basis and they did show the same loss so they have not tried to hide anything, although at the time if writing the results on their web site have not been updated since the end of May.

This could very well be just a bad period of Safe Lay Bets, and I have no reason to think that their previous results are inaccurate. However, based on their recommended betting bank, anyone starting when I did would have lost the lot twice over during the three months and therefore I have no option than to categorise this service as FAILED.

You can join Safe Lay Bets here: