These are the final results of the Scoring For Profit review.

Feb-07 Sheff. Weds v Blackpool win £9.50
Feb-07 Ath. Bilbao v Mirandes win £9.50
Feb-08 Barcelona v Valencia lost -£68
Feb-08 Zambia v Ghana win £9.50
Feb-11 Man Utd v Liverpool win £9.50
Feb-11 Osasuna v Barcelona win £9.50
Feb-11 Real Betis v Ath. Bilbao win £9.50
Feb-12 Wolves v WBA win £9.50
Feb-12 FC Koln v Hamburg win £9.50
Feb-12 Villareal v Granada win £9.50
Feb-12 Real Madrid v Levante win £9.50
Feb-12 Zambia v Ivory Coast win £9.50
Feb-13 Siena v Roma win £9.50
Feb-14 Leverkusen v Barcelona win £9.50
Feb-15 Zenit S. P. v Benfica win £9.50
Feb-15 Parma v Juventus win £9.50
Feb-17 Fiorentina v Napoli win £9.50
Feb-18 Chelsea v Birmingham win £9.50
Feb-18 Sunderland v Arsenal win £9.50
Feb-18 Juventus v Catania win £9.50
Feb-18 Real Madrid v Santander win £9.50
Feb-19 Crawley v Stoke win £9.50
Feb-19 Palermo v Lazio win £9.50

22 out of 23 selections correct £141 profit

I love the game of football and always keep a look out for any systems so I was intrigued by Scoring for Profit by Gary Fonzy.

Gary won the Betfair world cup 2010 forum competition using this system. The system uses games shown on TV and you place your bets thirty minutes before the game starts. It’s very straightforward and takes a maximum of five minutes per game to find the selection.

There are games most days, and I placed bets of £10 on every selection.

Between 1st December and 22nd February it produced a profit of £327.70.

The support is excellent and any questions I had were answered promptly, and at a cost of £67.77 that still produces a net profit of £259.93.

I have happily added this to my portfolio.


You can get Scoring For Profit here:



UPDATE December 2012

In February this year we reviewed and approved Scoring For Profit, a simple but devastatingly effective football system from Gary “Fonzy”.

At the time I had no interest in football (it was reviewed by Mike) but since this years Euros I’ve acquired a new interest and have even been following the Premiership this season, so I thought I’d have a look at this system myself.

Gary won the Betfair World Cup 2010 Forum competition using this system. It uses games shown on TV and you place your bets thirty minutes before the game starts. It’s very straightforward and takes a maximum of five minutes per game to find the selection.

I was surprised something as simple as this could be profitable, but last season the system made a level stake profit of over 130 points (2011/12 season)

475 Bets
Average of 12 bets per week
Strike Rate > 90%
Profit after commission 130 points

The system can be used on all live TV matches, these include UK & European League, Champions League and International Games (World Cup).

So that’s £3,256 profit to £25 stakes, with a losing run of only 1 and a winning run of 32!

So how’s it been doing this season so far?

Well, according to the official results it’s had 159 wins from 179 selections and a profit of 23.05 points, which is £576.25 after 5% commission at £25 stakes. So the strike rate currently stands at 88.23%

This is exceptional for a system that comes at a one off purchase price of just £67.

Also, and I know many of you will be interested in this, they have released a bot that will place the bets for you. So you can leave it running on a pc or a VPS and once it’s switched on it will bet for you indefinitely, making your profits on auto pilot. The bot is offered only to purchasers of the Scoring For Profit system at a cost of £20 per month, but from my experience it’s well worth it.

I’ve been using it since the beginning of November and have to say it’s just brilliant. You simply set how much you want to stake and switch it on.

So far, at £10 level stakes, it’s made me £332.50 profit after commission, which is considerably higher than the official results (£831.25 at £25 level stakes) but this maybe due to me starting later in the season.

This is with 35 winners and 3 losers and again the longest losing run is just 1 with winning runs of 8, 9, and 18 so far.

I leave mine running 24/7 on my VPS and all it does it chug away making me money. Who could ask for more?

This really should be a system you have in your betting portfolio if you don’t already have it. And if you can, I suggest using the bot so you don’t miss any profits. Even betting at £10 stakes you’ll easily cover costs and make a very decent profit.

Treat yourself to a great system this Christmas. You’ll be glad you did.

You can get Scoring For Profit here: