I’m going to review the service called “Secret Tips for Sale” which is very simply, a horse racing tipping service.  Once signed up you receive 1 email per day (before midday) detailing the bets for that day. Each selection is graded from 1 to 4, and that is the number of points to bet. The selections apparently average around 6/1 so we’ll see how they get on. I am starting with a 200 point bank, so a £2000 bank would give me £10 per point.

The service is offered with a 14 day free trial, however I suspect 14 days might not be a long enough period to properly test the service.  So, I plan to run the trial for a little longer, however I will curtail that if I just get consistently poor results.

Secret Tips For Sale is operated by BetFan and there were some administrative errors when first setting up the subscription. It is fair to say that the activation didn’t go through the same process as everyone else would have done because I am reviewing the service, so that might have been the cause.  Anyway, Betfan resolved the problems within a day of it being reported. I also had another query that was resolved within a couple of hours, so that was quite a good test of their support.

I was going to start testing the service from next week but, since it is up and running, I can already report on the first few selections. The first day had just a single grade 2 bet at 6/1. Unfortunately the bet lost, so bank was -2 points after day 1. The second day had 2 bets, each way (1pt) and single (3pts). The single bet lost (the horse came 6th out of 8!) but with the first bet the horse was placed, so although we had a small profit there, it wasn’t quite enough to offset the loss from the other race.

So, the current results are:

Day 1: -2 points

Day 2: -0.2 points

Net bank 197.8.

I am probably not going to report these results on a daily basis, I expect I’ll summarise it weekly. So lets see how we get on…

You can get Secret Tips For Sale here: