I thought it was worth giving a quick update as yesterday we had our first double winner. All the other bets had lost, so it was definitely about time for some winners.

Thurs 2 bets – 4 pts lost
Fri 2 bets – 4 pts lost
Sat  3 bets – 5 pts lost
Sun 1 bet – 4 pts lost

So at this point our bank was down 10% to 180.8. Fortunately along came our two winners:

Mon 2 bets. first +11 pts won, 2nd +9 pts won

Which took our bank back up to 200.8

Total bets so far; 13, winners 3 (1 E/W)

Note that when the tips email is sent, they quote the best odds from which ever bookmaker is offering those best odds. These odds are obviously available at that time, however not everyone will be able to get online when the email is sent and since the odds move around, it can make a big difference to the end result.

For example, yesterday the two races had quoted odds in the email of 11/4 and 3/1, but they had moved at the off to 11/8 and 7/4.  This would dramatically alter our profit from 11 to 5.5 points for the first race and 9 to 5.25 for the second.  So, the timing of when to place the bets obviously makes a big difference.

I’ll leave it at least another few days, perhaps after the weekend for the next update.

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