Ok, so when I started this service I thought it was going to be just another one of those tipping services that doesn’t really work, or maybe just about breaks even once you taken into consideration the subscription fee. Well, how wrong could I be! This tipping service has given amazing profits during the time I was testing.

The tip emails come through regularly in the morning around 10am-11am and clearly list the horses to bet on, the reasons why that horse was being tipped, and the offered odds at a particular bookie. There wasn’t one occasion when I couldn’t get the bet at the recommended odds, and I was checking almost immediately after the email was sent.

The staking plan is very conservative, the bets are only ever up to a maximum of 4 points per bet. In fact, I don’t think I actually had a 4 point bet, which goes to show how rare they are.  There were a few 3 point bets, and the rest were between 0.5 and 2 points per bet. And yet, that managed to bring in a massive 167 points profit in around 14 weeks.  If we were betting at £10 per point, that would have been winnings of £1,670 and at £25 per point it would be £4,175. In just 14 weeks!

During the trial, I had a total of 127 bets. Of those bets, 27 of them were outright winners. That’s a strike rate of 21%.  On top of that, I also had 11 each way winners. 21% is not a huge strike rate, but these winnings weren’t provided by lucky long shots, it was careful staking.  And yet, with the strike rate of only 21%, during the trial I only experienced 2 losing weeks.  All the other weeks turned in a profit. So, you have to be ready to accept quite a few losing bets. If you are not comfortable with that, then this product will not be for you.

The subscription costs have not been taken out of the winnings above.  Subscription options vary from £34-48 per month, depending on how long you subscribe for. However, in my test, the subscription would have easily been paid for.

So, all in all, a pretty good trial.  With profits like that, it has to be a resounding APPROVED.Approved2

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