Ok, well, after that super week last week, lets see how we’ve got on this week.

Mon 1 bet lost 2pts.

Tue 1 bet lost 3 pts.

Wed 2 bets, both lost total 4 pts.

Then we had a break of a couple of days because of a short holiday from the tipster.

Sat 3 bets. 1 lost, but two came in, the first at 28/1 and the other at 4/1. Total profit for the day 45.6 points!

Sun no bets.

Mon 2 bets, both lost total of 2 points.

So, only one winning day, but what a winning day that was! That is an amazing start to the month.

The bank now stands at 299.4 points.

So far we’ve had 51 bets, winners 15 (5 e/w).


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