Week#8 (18th  August – 24th August  incl.)

(Due to family commitments was unable to place bets on 21st August)

Note : (losing lay is a winning bet for us!)

10 losing lays :  £117.19

3 winning lays : £-107.10

Current balance (start £500)  :  £351.45

(137 selections / 100 losing lays), strike rate :73.0%


Regrettably, the strike rate of this service simply hasn’t been high enough during this trial period to sustain any degree of profitability seeing as the bank hasn’t been in profit at all since the trial began! However, the service (much like its sister offering (High Strike Lays)), has had a reasonable degree of success in previous months.
I have run the trial of this service on my betting bot but ‘paper trading’ as I have been, I am unable to place bets to BSP pricing which is the plan advocated by the service providers. Consequently I have taken prices a minute or so before the off. So, the prices may have skewed  results somewhat, but the last few weeks of reasonable weather here in the UK appear to have affected results with a reasonable number of  low priced selections achieving first place. The providers website has the following results table to illustrate the power of these tips in previous months.

To the advised 10% liability staking plan :
(monthly results shown below assume a fresh £1,000 start bank each month):

December 2011 : £69.40
January 2012 : £159
February 2012 : £783
March 2012 : £2,384
April 2012 : £478
May 2012: £1,905
Jume 2012 : £303
July 2012: £-64
August 2012 (to 11th) : £ 234

For most, perhaps 10% on a £1,000 start bank scenario may be a little too high but purely for comparison purposes – assuming a fresh £100 bank each month you would be sitting on a profit of £625 (of course, this is not at all representative as monthly compounding on the attained balance per month would play a signifcant factor in boosting these figures).
You will have to make your own judgements from the tabulated results above –  based solely on the findings during my 8 week trial – the bank was left with a deficit so I can only give this service a FAILED rating.

You can try Secret Winners here: