I have a review, of sorts, by Derek Hyde on his experience with the Sectional Timing Software sold by Greyhound Tipster for use, obviously, with greyhound racing. Due to the amount of work involved with inputting data into the software I have had great difficulty actually finding anyone else willing to put in the time required to test it, so I’m very appreciative of Dereks efforts here.

It’s worth noting that on the website you can get a free 3 day trial of the software so if you are particularly interested in the software or the accompanying service then I’d highly recommend having a go at the free trial first before parting with any hard earned! At least that way you know what you are getting into. However, as per Dereks review, I have added this software/service to the Failed section.

On to Dereks review…

Sectional Timing Software & Greyhound Tipster
Reviewed by Derek Hyde

This is one that I really have gone into with Burnsie (Bobby) – and I threw it out !

The selection software is fine but very, very, time consuming entering an enormous amount of data for each runner. The software costs £112.

I have had three 3 day trials, which in fact run of for about a week. The problem with the software is that on average about 2 or 3 races out of 60 races will qualify for entry into the software – I remember this as I once had a count up of a day’s racing. An awful lot of time is wasted checking all the races to see which ones qualify for using with the software.

When I pinned Bobby down (eventually) about the software he said that his own (different) software picks up a lot more races to qualify, but the real situation which he advises is to take a subscription to his greyhound tipster service. There was no answer when I asked why then was it necessary to buy the software. I have had literally dozens and dozens of emails with Bobby on this subject and also I have taken a couple of 2 or 3 week long tipster trials – one was free and one I got for half price at about £33.

He averages 10 winning lay runners out of 12 races each day but I found that the two races where the lay runners won the race they completely wiped out any profit and sometimes produced a loss. Now and again he produces 12 out of 12 which is fine, and now and again he only produced 8 out of 12 which was not so fine. The bottom line is that after many weeks following his tipster selections I made a loss overall.

I finally completely gave up.

You can try the Sectional Timing software here: