1st August – 31st August

There were 16 selections for the month including 3 winners.

Sedgefield 26/8/14 Dynamic Drive [ 7.0 ISP /7.43 BSP ]

Fontwell 28/8/14 Finding Your Feet  [3.25 ISP /3.45 BSP ]

Worcester 29/7/14 Finish The Story [5.5 ISP /5.9 BSP ]

Treading water with a loss of just over 0.5 points for the month….

Final BANK: 69.2 pts (to Betfair SP / net of Betfair comm @5%)
[19.2 pts overall profit from start of this review beginning of May]

Well, after 4 months it is high time I bring the Selective Racing review to an end. Personally, I like the thrill and momentum of a clutch of daily selections conveyering their way to my Inbox.
(so with hindsight perhaps I wasn’t the ideal candidate for review of this particular service….).

However, the service itself does what you would expect. You are subscribed through the Betting Gods website and this will entitle you not only to the daily tips provided by the Selective Racing
tipster but a host of other ‘free’ tips for you to take a punt on if you so wish which offers good value for your monthly subs. (During this review I did not follow any of these other services and chose to opt out of future mailings which was done quite effortlessly through the unsubscribe feature on the website). Emails are received daily at around midday and  in good time for you to get your bets (or more commonly) bet on, before the first race. As a further confidence booster the Betting Gods site allegedly only use tipsters who , “….have passed a stringent three month test”.

As the title suggests, the tips offered are of ‘choice’ tips made with a disciplined approach to betting in mind. This suggests perhaps a better, more profitable way for you to invest your hard-earned than simply relying on tips provided by a service whose tipster may prefer quantity to quality. That said, over the 4 month trial staking to £10 stakes would have stood you in profit to the tune of £192 and if you had taken advised odds at the bookies you would be marginally better off at £225. With one (or quite frequently), no tips per day this is ‘oh-so’ relaxed staking that will not suit all punters out there. However, if you like taking the more laid-back approach, taking comfort in the reassurance that someone is finding these profitable opportunities on your behalf, this may suit you very well indeed.

Owing to a far healthier start this year, the Betting Gods website shows an average monthly profit of just under 10 points.  This review didn’t quite meet this expectation but July was clearly the best month achieving a fine 35 points!

Subscription to Selective Racing is where you will possibly find the best value : a monthly subscription will cost you £34.95 + VAT / however, a LIFETIME subscription will cost you a  one-off payment of £199.95+VAT!
(The first month of any of these options – is charged at  £4.95 + VAT, further giving you the opportunity to trial the service to ensure you are happy).

So, provided the service remains profitable and assuming the service runs for a good few years (and you yourself have a good few years left!) , this could possibly be the best £200 you spend!

Achieving a reasonable profit, Selective Racing is worthy of a Cashmaster APPROVED rating .Approved2

You can join Selective Racing Trust here: