Selective Racing Trust is offered by the Betting Gods site and offers an email based tipping service, BACKING to win horses in the UK horse racing scene.
The tipsters identity remains a secret, but allegedly the tips are highly profitable on account of the individuals’

“…..incredibly in-depth analysis of racing news, yard reports, form and extensive market reviews, Selective Racing Trust identifies some incredible selections at incredible odds to provide you with a regular sports betting income. An ideal service if you appreciate the need for a disciplined, patient and well thought out approach to your betting.”


This service began proofing to the Betting Gods site early this year but this service has been operating since 2011.
Subscribers will get an email each day, Monday-Sunday at around midday, with the suggested selections for the day along with the recommended bookie and best price available at that time.
There are about a dozen or so tips for the week so dont expect to be placing bets left-right-and-centre, this is a selective service requiring patience.

As this service is hosted by the Betting Gods website- the first months subscription is available at a discounted rate of £4.95. Subsequent months at £24.95 / Weekly £7.95 / Quarterly £59.95
(NOTE : all quoted prices exclude VAT)

Suggested start bank is a meagre 50 points and from February to the end of April this year, this service has shown a 44.5 pt profit to 1 point level stakes.

I will be following the tips for the next few months to see how profitable this service really is, although I will be reviewing to Betfair SP pricing.

1st-16th May

There have been 25 selections, 2 non-runners with only a single winner :
Wincanton 8/5/14: Nothing is Forever  [Tipped @ 6.0 / ISP 7.0 / BSP 9.0]

Current BANK: 35.6 pts (net of Betfair comm @5%)

Next update will be at the end of the month.