I have been looking at Sequence Lays from the Pro Betting Club stable, a horse racing tipping service for laying horses. The service normally costs £39.50 per month or £89.50 per quarter but is currently running a 50% off offer.

The service is very simple, you lay the selections, stopping at a winning bet, recovering losses from losing bets resetting at the end of the day. Whilst I had 5 losing days, 4 of these were from Sundays with only 2 selections for the day, and I suppose I could have rolled the loss in to Monday, if Monday had 5 or fewer selections. To go say 8 selections and lose all 8 would put a big hole in the bank, so you need to be sensible if do roll losses forward.

It is very simple to operate, you get the selections and put them on, using Betfair, so I recorded prices to BSP.

I finished at 32.64 points up, this is a profit of £326 using our standard £10 per point. From this 3 months subscriptions need to be deducted, leaving a total profit of £208, but if you take the 50% offer per quarter you can significantly improve this.

The website recommends a bank of 100 points, so £1000 to run at £10 per point.

85 wins in 152 selections is not brilliant on the face of it, but 5 losing days in 91 days gives a fairer view. The average odds were 2.58, so your stakes could easily escalate. The largest liability I had was 34.59 points at 2.63, a £563 liability.

I am happy with the profit made here so a cautious approval, with the caveats: get a working bot to make sure you are always matched, a losing day could severely hit your bank.

More info HERE.