Not up to the usual high standards

This service is brought to you by Tim of Big Race Bookie Busters fame, here trying his hand at tennis. There is the reason I jumped at the chance to review this, after the amazing success of that horse racing service. It is delivered by the admirable Betting Gods – I have already given them a big thumbs up with their transparency, money-back trials and reasonable prices. However, on this occasion, in the review period, both Tim and Betting Gods have been found wanting.

The website states: If you’re looking for something to spice up your love of Tennis, fancy a change from betting on the Horses, or quite frankly are looking for a selective sports betting tipster with a Great Level of Accuracy, Good Return of Profit and an affordable price then Serve It Up Tennis Tips could be the one for you  (the capitals are theirs, not mine!!). Tim is looking to track down value prices at ante-post and for matches during tournaments, often with set betting.

The headline figures in the testing period are:

19% STRIKE RATE     -20% RETURN ON INVESTMENT    -£130 PROFIT (£10 per point stakes)

The truth is, it would have been considerably worse than that had Federer not given them a ‘Get out of jail free’ card with his win in Cincinnati with a 41.25 profit in the last bet of the testing period.

It also became clear that the recommended bank size (50 points) is inadequate, as this would have been blown before the Cincinnati bets. In fact, in the trial period this never got into any sort of profit from the get go.


From an admin point of view, I’m afraid this was strewn with errors. There were several occasions where no staking was advised for bets, and I had to assume two points based on the most common staking. There were times when quoted odds were not available with any bookie at the time when the emails are sent out.


There was an occasion where the wrong tournament was given, and there was even one bet given out after the match was already over, which had to be subsequently withdrawn!

So – any positives? The testing has been completed in a three month period which has clearly been at a low for the service, and if you look at the longer term, all the headline figures improve. And, as with all Betting Gods services, you aren’t tied to any huge financial commitment, with a £1 money-back trial currently available and then only £19.95/month or £49.95 quarterly.

All in all, the recommendation for this service, as tested over the past 3 months, has to be a FAIL.

You can try Serve It Up Tennis Tips for £1 here: