I’ve been reviewing Sharp Betting now for 31 days and it has made a decent start with a profit of  8.16 points. Bets arrive by email and are sent well in advance: usually at least six  hours ahead of the first event.  So far an extremely well-run professional service. I have placed all Teasers and Parlays and the majority of single  bets at Pinnacle Sports Book. Occasionally I have found better odds for single bets (using the Bet Brain odds comparison site) at Bet365, Coral, Sportingbet and Skybet.

Here are the pertinent figures:

Total Number of days 31 (Dec 6 2013 to Jan 5 2014)

Number of betting days 24

Starting Bank   50 pts

Lowest Bank  49.25 pts

Highest Bank  60.39 pts

Strike Rate  (28 wins, 19 losses)  = 57.57%

Current Bank  58.16 pts

Current Profit/Loss    + 8.16 pts

Return on Bank       + 16.32%