Sharp Betting is an American sports betting service run by a professional bookmaker analyst called Don, who claims to average 150 points profit per year betting on the three american sports: football (NFL, NCAA); basketball (NBA, NCAA); and baseball (MLB). Sometimes National Hockey League (NHL) bets are also advised.

To find value in his bets, Don makes use of 250 micro-systems that he has developed. Currently, there is a free trial running. Two of his micro-systems are also free to download. Bets are sent by email, usually a couple of hours before the events start.

The results have been a major disappointment. After three months the bank has fallen by  more than 50% with  a loss of 25.19 points (most of the fall has been in the last month, 21.89 points fall). At £10 a point and free tips, that leaves a loss of £251.90 over the full three month period of this trial. Giving the previous profitability claimed by its author, we may well have been very unfortunate to hit a particularly bad down-swing. Nevertheless, based on its performance during this 90 day trial, I have no choice but to fail it.

Here are the pertinent figures

Total Number of days 90 (Dec 6th 2013 to March 5th 2014)

Number of betting days over three months 65

Starting Bank 50 pts

Monthly Profit/Loss for Month Three -21.89 pts

Lowest Bank over three months 14.87 pts

Highest Bank over three months 60.39 pts

Strike Rate for three months ( 89 wins, 101 losses) = 46.84 %

(note there were also 2 pushes in month 3)

Current Bank 24.81 pts

Current Profit/Loss    -25.19 pts

Return on Bank over three months   -50.4 %


The tips are still free at present.

You can try Sharp Betting here: