Hi, Paul here from signals4forex with a ‘TIM’ round-up for the month of July.

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Trade Information Managed {TIM}

Days:  Month of July
Number of Trades: 8
Wins: 4
Breakeven: 3
Losses: 1
Total Pips: 215

*The 1 loss was a trade withdrawal @ – 20 pips

The ‘TIM’ service, short for ‘Trade Information Managed’ is a forex signals service where I tweet you the pair, direction, entry, stop-loss and target and then manage it for you via tweets unless you decide to manage it yourself.

Twitter, though not to everyone’s taste, is used because when I tweet you receive the information virtually instantaneously {unlike texting or e-mails} and to your phone too should you choose.

The first month of the two month free trial is now over. There wasn’t many trades but quality over quantity is what we’re looking for. I set a goal of a minimum 150 pips for July and it will be the same for August too.

I surpassed that goal by 75 pips and with only one loss {that was actually a withdrawal that went on to reach the target as luck would have it} I’m happy with the results given the current trading climate.

Thank you for your support during July. A round-up of the automated trade copying service will follow over the next few days.