Apologies for the delay in posting this. I’ve been away on my holidays.

Here is last weeks round up. I should be posting this weeks round up later today.

Hi Paul here with my weekly round-up for the ‘TIM’ & ‘TC’ services

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As expected it’s been a tough cookie of a week. First week of the month always is due to the amount of major news  and personally I find August a real tester. It’s no coincidence that the 2 month trial runs through July/August, they’re 2 of the most awkward months of the year to trade and so I thought it only fare to prove to you that I am more than capable of trading and trading responsibly when the going gets tough.

The ‘TIM’ service {Trade information managed} had just 2 trades this week.

One lost {69 pips} the other we exited at breakeven. Long way to go in August and I fully expect to reach the minimum target of 150 pips. E-mail address is above if you want to fire over any questions.

The ‘TC’ service {Trade Copier} has had 6 trades this week. 2 losses, 2 breakeven, 1 winner and 1 currently still live and 75 pips in profit as I write. The Live account is more or less where we left it at last month at the moment. Aim is once again a 3% increase on the account.

To Clarify

I’ve had many questions regarding the main difference between the ‘TC’ and the ‘TIM’ services.

The ‘TIM’ {Trade information managed} and the ‘TC’ {Trade Copier} are two similar but separate services. The cost for both will be £79 per month but if you decide to use the ‘TC’ service too you will need to pay www.4xsolutions.com their charge of £18 per month in order to have my trades replicated automatically.

The ‘TIM’ service will have far fewer trades, generally be longer term trades and are managed via a tweet or by you if you wish to take over them. Tweets can go directly to your phone if desired and movements can easily be managed via a smart phone or Ipad etc. We aim for 150 pips per month on this service and shouldn’t endure long losing runs.

The ‘TC’ service is automation of my trades via a trade replicator. You will have many more trades opening the doors for bigger profits but also longer losing runs. We aim for a 3% account increase on average per month. The ‘TC’ has more trades due to one main reasons. I can manage them {move SL, TGT, cancel and so on} far easier than tweeting. Some trades are just impossible to manage by tweeting hence you leave me to it on the ‘TC’.

Where the ‘TIM’ and the ‘TC’ correlate is that at times both services will have the same trade with exactly the same settings while at other times a ‘TIM’ trade could have a greater stop than the ‘TC’ but be on the same pair because I can manage the ‘TC’ remotely easily but can’t keep tweeting.

So if I’m ‘live’ on a pair that’s the same pair for the ‘TC’ and the ‘TIM’ service but has different levels then don’t expect to see it twice on the ‘live’ account.

It’s during the trial now I welcome feedback so that when it all begins I’m pleasing the majority.

I can see how many are on the ‘TC’ at the moment but no idea how many are following the ‘TIM’ service.

It’ll all work itself out in the end hopefully as I won’t be able to keep up my day job and this service forever .

Other News

From week beginning August 10th I’ll be releasing longer term trades too. These can last for weeks and sometimes occasionally months.



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