Hi, Paul from signals4forex here with the latest update.

*There’s a section towards the end of this blog post that may interest those that can trade for themselves but would find helpful ‘reaction’ levels that are exceptionally good and consistently accurate*


As predicted August has been an awkward month but I have no regrets with my decision to run the trial through an incredibly difficult period. As previously mentioned it was a decision chosen purposely to not only put myself to the test but to attract subscribers with realistic views and aims regarding forex trading.

I plan on being around for the long-term and so it’s important that those that decide to become a part of the service experience the rough along with the smooth and grasp an understanding of my style of trading. There’s plenty of links below that will give you a deeper understanding in preparation for your decision.

There is still a week of trading remaining for august, current standings:

Trade Copier {TC } : Deficit of 1.33%
Trade Information Managed {TIM} : Deficit of 140pips

So from when the trial began in July we’re still currently ahead on pips {75} and slightly ahead on percentages.

Graham has informed me that quite a few have joined the trial recently thus missing July  and so I’m going to extend the trial for another month or so. This will benefit you all and give you enough time to evaluate and initially decide if I can provide a service you can trust and have faith in over the years.

I mentioned a few weeks ago I would be including some of the longer term trades  take that can last weeks, sometimes months. That is still the case but there hasn’t been one good enough to get involved in yet.


Contact Details & Useful Links:

Twitter: @SignalsDutton
e-mail: [email protected]
Web: https://www.cash-master.com/Signals4Forex.htm 
Trade Copier Information: https://www.4xsolutions.com/
Signals4forex TC direct link: https://www.4xsolutions.com/signup.aspx?.s=ae1ee4b9-340a-4954-afb9-3fb514ec225b
Further information on a TC: https://www.cash-master.com/signals4forex-3/
‘TIM’ Trades month 1: https://www.cash-master.com/signals4forex-6/
‘TC’ Trades Month 1: https://www.cash-master.com/signals4forex-7/
Recent update: https://www.cash-master.com/signals4forex-8/


Other News:

For those that like to make their own decisions:

I’ve been asked on several occasions if I trade outside of forex. I do. I get involved with ‘Equity Indices’, mainly the FTSE, DAX, DOW, S&P and the NASDAQ. I also trade other less popular FX pairs such as the GBP/CHF, GBP/JPY, EUR/SEK, EUR/NOK and EUR/PLN.

Many of you know I still currently work full time with a view to this service doing well and then becoming a full time trader so the ‘TC’ and ‘TIM’ service is predominantly ‘Major FX Pairs’ dominated due to time restraints.

However, if Graham agrees and there is enough interest I am more than happy to provide exceptional weekly ‘reaction levels’ that you can use to trade from yourself and then  if there’s enough subscribers this will put me another step closer to going full time with my trading activities thus ploughing all my time in to the service.

They’re not intraday, way too risky, they are levels that price is expected to reach and react  sufficiently to within the week they’re given {over 70% will reach or exceed the level} with  trades then lasting an average 1-3 days or in conjunction with your strategy.

I can provide both the reaction level and the suggested stop but the rest is up to you. On many occasions {in excess of 70%} the level will be hit and then in conjunction with your trading strategy you can decide on your own stop-loss and target. I class a ‘hit’ as within 10 pips but you’ll find a vast amount will react exactly at the given level.

*I’ve spent a great deal of time and money on perfecting the weekly levels and take in to consideration a vast amount of technical and fundamental information in order to reach a decision, they really are that good, but ‘you’ as the trader must understand how to trade them once the reaction level has been reached. In other words if you can’t trade or don’t have a strategy they’ll be of no use to you but if you can trade then they will offer a superior and consistently accurate advantage to your trading*

You will be able to choose a total of 5 options from the Majors, Equities and Crosses for £50 per month. Each 5 will be updated and e-mailed to you every week before the Monday London opening. Once again due to current time restraints batches of 5 will be the way forward, so 5 for £50, 10 for £100 per month etc. You will be very impressed with their accuracy.

*Example Package 1: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/CAD, EUR/GBP, AUD/USD for £50 per 4 week cycle.
I’ll send out the weekly reaction level and suggested stop loss every week for 4 weeks before the
London Monday opening and update if any changes.

*Example Package 2: FTSE, DAX, Dow Jones Index, S&P Index, Nasdaq Index for £50 per 4 week cycle. I’ll send out the weekly reaction level and suggested stop loss every week for 4 weeks before the London Monday opening and update if any changes.
*Remember traders that the weekly levels are extremely accurate but I miss them often due to my work commitments. You don’t have to if you’re a work-from-home trader and I certainly won’t once the service is up and running, it’s the very same levels I use*

If interested please send an e-mail to either Graham or  [email protected] and if there’s sufficient interest I’ll get the ball rolling ASAP. 

Thank you for your support and Interest