I was recently approached by a chap by the name of Paul Dutton who claims to be a successful Forex trader. He said that unlike most Forex traders, he doesn’t aim to make big profits as they are always followed at some point by even bigger losses… something we’ve all had experience of, no doubt.

Instead he aims to make ‘just’ 1%-3% profit per month.

I say ‘just’ because although this may seem small, especially compared with some of the claims by other Forex services, it certainly adds up over the long term when profits are compounded.

In fact, to put it into perspective, the top forex fund managers are not even achieving 1% growth per month so if Paul can achieve anything over 1%, consistently, then he may well be on to something.

He aims for a minimum of 1:1 risk to reward ratio and risks an average of 1% per trade. He does both position trading and medium term trading taking technical, fundamental and market analysis all in to consideration before placing a trade. Sometimes there are 5 – 8 trades per week while other times there are no trades at all.

The trading is very relaxed, with no big wins nor big draw downs, just nice steady profits.

Paul has come to me to offer Cash Master readers a completely free subscription for two full months starting tomorrow and running until the end of August. No Paypal delayed subscription required, just sign up to the service and you’ll get in without any commitments, and you don’t even have to give him your e-mail address.

The information is broadcasted via a private Twitter group as this is far more reliable than e-mail and is virtually instant.

He is even offering a mirror trade service for anyone that wishes to avail themselves of this option (although a subscription to a trade copying service provider is required at £18 a month), full details of which are provided on request.

We will be reviewing this service for the full two months prior to it launching as a paid service, and will then continue to review it once it’s live for another six months to see how it does.

If you are interested in Forex then it will be worth signing up to the free trial. In fact it would help with this review if I could get come feedback from other users too.

Full information is available here: