I’m being forced to call a halt to this trial.

I have been getting the selections from the system author, who charges a minimal £2.49 a week to send them through, which saves 15 minutes a day working them out myself.

I asked him why there have been no selections for a while and this was his response:

“Apologies a few personal issues have meant I haven’t been able to send selections as well as run other services. For the time being I won’t be able to send selections for this service, entirely up to yourself if you want to run the remainder of the trial finding selections yourself or shelf the trial.”

So it would appear that he has no interest in continuing with the review which, considering the results to date, doesn’t bode well at all. The fact that I’ve missed a week’s worth of selections already and the authors lack of interest in his own product together with the poor results leads me to conclude this is a no hoper.

Bets: 44
Successful: 25
Unsuccessful: 19
Strike Rate: 56.8%
Avg Odds: 3.26

Profit: -£89.06

This one is a simple FAIL.Failed

You can try The Simple Lay System here: