The Simple Lay System is brought to you from the same team behind Betting Pro Lays.

It’s a basic but well formulated lay system focused on races under 2 miles.

Selections can be identified using readily accessible, free sites, in only 10-15 minutes per day and using the recommended liability staking you can place the bets first thing in the morning.

The cost of the system is £99 ($166) and this is a one off fee.

Anyone signing up can receive all selections via email for an additional £2.49 a week, and these are sent out before 11am everyday.

It’s a very simple, easy to use lay system with low liability, with maximum odds of 3/1 (4.0).

I’ve been using it for two weeks now, with a starting bank of £500 and risking 2.5% liability on each bet.

Here are my results to date:

Bets: 23
Successful: 14
Unsuccessful: 9
Strike Rate: 60.9
Avg Odds: 3.04

Profit: -£24.09

I should point out that since starting this trial they have introduced a new staking plan which involves a small progression on the liability percentage following a losing bet:

Example £1000 starting bank.

Bet 1 – 1% liability

If the bet loses we increase the liability on bet 2.

Making the liability on the next bet 2% of the STARTING bank.

We keep increasing the liability by 1% until we get a winning bet and then reduce back down to 1%.

It isn’t an aggressive loss recovery as we don’t increase the stake until the bank has fully recovered, we only keep increasing by 1% until we have a winning lay. There aren’t long losing runs so the risk to the bank stays pretty minimal.

As with most liability staking plans, as the bank increases the 1% stake will keep increasing in line with the bank, once the bank hits a new high this figure is used to calculate your percentage liability.

Unfortunately, this staking can’t be automated with Bet Engine and since I am using that to log my results for this trial I will report on a standard 2.5% liability staking on each bet, but I will also show what the profit would have been using the recommended staking at the end of the trial.

You can buy The Simple Lay System for £99 here: