I’ve been asked to review this horse racing system that makes some rather extraordinary claims. The video on the website shows a ‘Paul Milligan’ offering you £19,660 each month for 10 minutes work a day betting on horses with a starting bank of £100.

He goes on to show screenshots of his bookie balances adding up to a total of the alleged £19K and claims he made this in one month betting £25 stakes using the Simple Win System.

Sounds amazing, right?

Of course not. We’ve all been around the block a few too many times to even raise an eyebrow to these sort of claims and it doesn’t take much logical reasoning to deduce the fact that nothing adds up. For a start, the screenshots show his bookie account ‘balances’, not a history of profit. It’s implying that the total balance is the complete profit for that month which, if that were the case, would mean he doesn’t have a betting bank (unless he withdrew it). A screenshot of a bookie balance is no evidence whatsoever of performance… he could have started with £10K in each and lost much of it.

Also, a £100 bank and £25 stakes? Seriously? That would mean with just four initial losing bets he’s bust his bank. Not only that, £19,660 profit in one month with £25 stakes would be 786 points profit. With only a few bets a week, that would require huge average win odds.

I e-mailed ‘Paul’ several times asking to review his system but I received no reply at all, so I purchased it. Fortunately it’s sold on Clickbank with a 60 day money back guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it.

What I received reminded me of why I started this review site up a decade ago. It is a seven page PDF file, six pages of which are filled with guff and one page contains the system rules.

Both of them.

They even did it in large print to fill the page a bit more.

I can’t even hint at what the system rules are because I’d give the game away in one sentence, but what I can tell you is that selections are found in a matter of minutes and bets can be placed so long as the selection meets the minimum odds requirement (which, oddly, is considerably less than the “4/1 and above” bragged about in the video).

So how did the miracle system do?

It busts the bank pretty rapidly. I carried on for the next two and a bit months anyway to see if there was any potential here at all.

Here are the results:

Bets: 39
Successful: 8
Unsuccessful: 31
Strike Rate: 20%
Avg Odds: 4.14

Profit: -£179.29

As you can see, with the average odds of the winners being 3/1, it’ll be impossible to make £20K in one month with the advertised £25 stakes.

It’s clear to me that this site is a blatant scam. It serves only to capture customers e-mail addresses so that they can market other products to you once you’ve bought in, and they do that about three times a week.


You can try Simple Win System here:Failed