Final Review

This is a new system by Bernard Hubbard that targets specific trainers at certain National Hunt courses and sometimes when certain jockeys are engaged. I’dentifying selections takes a matter of minutes as it’s just a matter of checking against a list of meetings and looking to see if a trainer specified is running a horse at that meeting using that jockey.

No staking advice is given so I used flat £100 level stakes at Betfair SP (5% commission on wins).

The results were terrible. Long losing runs with the occasional winner at average odds does little to keep you interested. There were possibilities of high odds winners and it would seem the system relies on these to make a profit. Alas, we didn’t get any during the three and a half months I tested it.

Final Profit:-£1733
So over seventeen hundred quid down after fourteen weeks of betting. The one saving grace for this system is that it seems to be pretty good a picking losers, so it may be of interest to Layers out there!

But, it’s sold as a backing system and as such it has to go firmly into the Failed category.

If it’s still available, you can get it here: